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2023 Interior Design Trends

As an interior designer, I often get asked about upcoming interior design trends and what I think of them. If you haven’t noticed, interior design trends are the result of fashion trends. Trends are necessary in the world’s of interior design and fashion, I’ve always loved how the two go hand in hand. In 2021, neutral hues and earth tones flooded the runways and in turn made their way into so many homes. In 2022, bold color made an appearance on the runway and now we’re seeing colorful rooms pop up on our Pinterest pages. One of the ways I’m able to predict what my client will gravitate towards is by looking at how they dress themselves - do they stick with all neutrals or do they like to take risks with color? What type of clothing do they feel most comfortable in? These are some of the questions I ask myself before I start sourcing furniture for their home. As we go through the upcoming interior design trends for 2023, I’ll tie in why I think this was influenced by the fashion world.

The first trend and the one I am most excited about is PRACTICAL COMFORT. This should come as no surprise since the past two years of being at home had everyone stepping up their lounge wear. Sweat sets were and still are everywhere, they even have a more tailored look now making them practical to lounge around in or run errands in. In the interior design world, I find that today I’m seeing less rooms that contain impractical and uncomfortable seating and instead more people are prioritizing their comfort level at home with comfortable seating while also taking into consideration the fabric and color they choose. Performance fabrics are now easily accessible and we’ll also be seeing more slipcovered pieces in the new year. Here are some of my favorite comfortable seating options:


The next interior design trend to look out for in 2023 is collected layers. This trend will involve embracing the mix of designs for a more personalized look that spans design eras. This is another trend I’m very into because it brings so much character to your home. I love to mix styles so I encourage you all to not be afraid to do so! I’m seeing European or Chinese antiques mixed with post-modern accents as well as Brazilian midcentury-inspired styles paired with Scandinavian pieces. In fashion, we see so many people wanting to get their hands on vintage items and pair them with current pieces. Again, a vintage item whether it be a jacket, purse or pair of jeans will bring character into your wardrobe and pairing it with your current pieces gives you such a personalized look that you won’t find in stores. Here are some of my favorite pieces that I believe would add dimension to your home:


Another interior design trend to look out for this year is flexible functionality. I’m seeing that more and more of my clients will express wanting a certain room in their home to serve the various needs of their family. In one of my previous blog posts, I spoke about how important it is to have ample seating, especially when entertaining. This year, we will definitely be seeing more folding of stackable pieces. The styles will be more versatile and the seating will be more flexible so that you can easily change your dining room from a place you eat to a place you host game night or changing your living room from a few seats to accommodating your extended family and friends. Our homes should accommodate how we live so the way you design it should be a reflection of that. I see this interior design trend derive from the demand for versatile pieces in fashion. Log onto any social media platform and you’ll see influencers showing you ten different ways to style a white t-shirt or a blazer. We want pieces that have the flexibility to go from day to night so they can be worn often much like we want our furniture to have the flexibility to be multipurpose. Here are some of my favorite flexible pieces that I believe would be a functional addition to your home:


The final interior design trend that I think we’ve already seen but will continue to see a lot more of is outdoor innovations. We’ve noticed outdoor furniture is starting to look more and more like our indoor furniture which makes all interior designers breathe a sigh of relief because it used to be very difficult to find outdoor pieces that were aesthetically pleasing. The key to being able to see these indoor influences move outside is updating traditionally indoor materials to adapt to outside environments. We want pieces for our outdoor areas that will withstand the elements but also provide comfort. The fashion world has often been criticized for their use of materials and waste. More recently, we’ve seen them making an effort to use more sustainable materials. This involves up-cycling and exploring other renewable, durable and biodegradable materials so that we can get the look we want without the harm to our environment. I love that this trend in both the interior design and fashion world challenges us to live smarter but not sacrifice the style we want to achieve. Here are some of my favorite outdoor pieces that were influenced by indoor furniture design:


& there you have it! My full list of upcoming interior design trends for 2023. If you need help achieving one of these looks in your home, please click the button below so we can schedule a design consultation where I can give you all of my thoughts and ideas for your particular space. Wishing you all the happiest new year and thank you for your support in 2022! It means the world to me!


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