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Christmas Home Decor

Sharing my favorite Christmas Home Decor items this season!


This holiday season is so special to me because it'll be my first time celebrating Christmas with my daughter. In the past, I put up minimal holiday decorations because I always felt like the hassle of storing everything throughout the year outweighed the joy it brought me for those few short weeks. I hope that comment doesn't make me sound like the Grinch because I love Christmas; but I live in an apartment with minimal closets and there's only so many storage hacks a designer can come up with!

Since having my daughter my mindset on decorating for the holidays has completely changed so it's true - kids really do change your life and your HOME! Decorating for the holiday's this season has brought me so much joy and nostalgia. I remember watching my mom decorate for the holidays every year. I was in awe of how quickly she would transform our house. It's become so important to me to give my daughter those same memories I am so fond of from my own childhood. With that being said, I've created a list of some of my favorite Christmas home decor pieces. These are ones that I believe to be tastefully done and no matter what style your home is, I tried to curate this list for homes of all styles! Wishing you and your families a wonderful holiday season!

1. Mantle Pieces

2. Ornaments

3. Candles

4. Stockings

5. Tree Skirts & Collars

6. Garland

7. Wreaths

8. Pillows

9. Sheets

10. Books & Puzzles


& there is my complete list of Christmas decor recommendations! If you need any help this holiday season with where to place things or what to buy for your specific home, send me a message to book a design consultation!


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