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Gift Guide for the Homebody



I wanted to start off this month by sharing items I love for the homebody, interior design obsessed, self care enthusiast person in your life. These gifts could be for your mom, mother-in-law, sister, friend, co-worker, neighbor or host of a holiday party - just to name a few. Whether they love cooking, decor or self care at home, I tried to cover it all! I hope this makes your holiday shopping much easier! You can click directly on the images below to shop my favorites from each category. For more gift guides & product recommendations, follow me on the LTK app & Instagram @homebytaylor!

  1. Serving Boards

Serving Boards are a great gift if you've been invited to the person's home that you're gifting. A special bonus if you actually put food on the board so your gift not only looks amazing but serves as two gifts in one! The Compact Swivel Cheese Board has varying heights which create the perfect display along with the swivel mechanism which makes this piece a go-to for entertaining. The Swift Round Serving Board is a rustic entertaining staple, the hand-painted acacia wood & rope detail make this piece look and feel way more than $44! The Classic Serving Tray is the perfect choice for a new homeowner. The raised edge allows it to hold various items, you don't have to be a professional to arrange the food in an aesthetically pleasing way, just start with a few small bowls inside and fill the open space with a variety of color similar to the one shown below.

2. All Things Wine

Instead of showing up with a bottle of wine here are some ways to update the classic gift. The Lina Wine Bottle Holder is a best seller on my LTK shop so I had to mention it here. This gorgeous hand carved tropical hardwood piece with a swivel mechanism serves not only as wine storage but is also perfect to display on a kitchen counter, bar or bar cart. Don't feel like you need to buy five bottles of wine along with this wine holder; one is perfectly fine and they will most likely have more to fill the rest of the slots. The next wine gift is a very luxurious one - the L'Atelier du Vin Oeno Motion Groom. This gift contains all of the essential tools for opening fabulous wines and champagnes. It's base allows for the collection of corks to be displayed making it the ultimate gift for those that love and are sentimental about wine. My final gift recommendation for those that love wine is the Aervana Electric Wine Aerator. This aerator fits right on the bottle, dispensing and aerating wine tap-style with just a press of a button.

3. Picture Frames

Not your average picture frames! These are my three favorite picture frames that I think would make a great gift - bonus if you add in a picture to whoever you're gifting, it's a special touch that makes these gifts so thoughtful! The first one is the Celeste Easel Frame. I love frames like this because I feel like they not only serve as an opportunity to give your home that personal touch that all family photos do but they also display like art would. The next is the OG digital Aura frame - my favorite housewarming/holiday gift. I have mine in my kitchen and it brings me so much joy throughout the day. I love that I get to see a variety of photos and not just one. We all have so many pictures on our phone, with this frame you can easily upload those photos through their app, allowing them to be displayed in your home instantly - such a good gift! The last frame I recommend for your holiday gifting is also another one I have in my own home - it's currently on sale so grab it while you can!! I've gotten everyone in my family to buy this frame, it's that good! The 19" x 16" Gunmetal Floating Acrylic Wall Frame is so perfect for an elevated gallery wall. I have six of them displayed in my dining area and I love how light and airy they are, some frames can feel so heavy or not an ideal size for wall display but these are perfect regardless of your style or ceiling height.

4. Luxe Throw Blankets

You really can't go wrong with gifting a warm throw blanket. Tie a ribbon around it, and it makes an easy and cute gift. I have so many favorites but tried to narrow it down to just three. The Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket is seen a lot especially in the colder months, this is such a cozy and chic option for the homebody in your life. Available in a variety of color ways shown below. It's currently on sale so this is the perfect under $100 gift that looks and feels like you spent way more. The next throw blanket is a very popular one but in the spirit of comfort I have to mention the Barefoot Dreams CozyChic throw. I guarantee whoever you gift this to will be texting you a few days later about how comfortable and soft it is. This is the throw blanket that makes adults seem like babies because they'll be carrying it with them from room to room. My final throw blanket recommendation is the Monterey Oversized Throw. The colors are stunning, I love the size of the stripe and the quality of this throw, perfect for layering on a bed or sofa.

5. Candles

Who doesn't love an Anthropologie Candle? Normally I would never recommend only one store for candles but I can't break my love for the candles Anthro carries. I love the size and shape of the vessels and the scents are DIVINE! This is another gift that is a two for one because once I've burned the whole candle I use the vessels for makeup brushes, hair accessories etc. Here are a few of my favorites that would make the perfect gift. P.S. so many of them are on sale right now! Please sign me up for any candle that smells like Sunday Morning Waffles or Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. I love these Hive & Wick Market Candles, the scents are exactly as the name describes with gorgeous vessels and lids that feature a carved snowflake making them the perfect holiday gift. The next candles I recommend are the OG Capri Blue Jar Candles, I have one in my home at all times. I feel like I don't even need to describe these because everyone knows them but if you don't just buy one and you'll understand the hype. The final candle recommendation is the Candle in Every Room Gift Set - such a cute gift that you don't even need to wrap (always a plus in my book), it's currently on sale making it such a great value!

6. Glassware

If you're going to gift someone glassware for the holiday's make it fun whether that be vibrant colors or seasonal shapes. Here are a few of my favorites to gift for the holidays! The North Pole Juice Glasses are an easy way to bring the holiday cheer into anyone's home. I love the gold rim and etched body. Sold individually but I recommend grabbing two or four to gift someone. The next glassware items I recommend gifting are the Zaza Lustered Shot Glasses, I love the irregular shape and finish of these. They come in a set of four making them easy to gift! The final glassware recommendation is the Ramona Wine Glass, I love this glass for all the same reasons that I love the Lustered Shot Glasses, the shape and finish are so alluring - they'll make any drink look good!

7. Bakeware

Baked with love and you get to keep the dish? The ultimate gift. I love baking so this is always a go to gift for me. This first recommendation may look simple but I love bakeware with a lid, makes transport so easy and the lid can double as a coaster for the hot dish. This set of three is under $60, if you have multiple holiday parties this season consider this the perfect hack that won't break your bank! You can gift these to three separate people by bringing a different dish to each party or gift the whole set to a new homeowner who is just starting their bakeware collection. The next recommendation is another super affordable one - the Le Creuset Heritage Baking Dishes Set which are the perfect size for warm dips or sides. I love the red as a nod to the holiday season yet a fun color to add to someone's collection throughout the year. Keep one for yourself and gift the other one to a friend or family member! My final bakeware recommendation is the Elena Pie Dish - the outer detail makes it fitting for the season yet the white finish allows for it to be used throughout the year!

8. Cook Books

Another super easy gift to tie a ribbon around and gift to someone! I personally love being gifted cookbooks because for some reason it feels more personal than a coffee table book and I'm always looking for ideas on what to make for my family! I'll start off with one of my favorites - if you haven't heard of Half Baked Harvest you might be living under a rock - just kidding but with almost 5 million Instagram followers Tieghan's cookbooks are at the top of my list for gift recommendations! She has so many easy and interesting recipes that will make you or the person you're gifting look like a well seasoned chef. My next cookbook recommendation is Make This Tonight which has 100 recipes for every occasion, such a great gift idea for someone that cooks for a lot of people! The final cookbook recommendation is Dinner in One, a whole book filled with delicious easy one pan meals - I can think of no greater gift than eliminating the amount of dishes someone has to do each night!

9. Mugs

Make your Starbucks gift card more personal by gifting it with a mug! My first mug recommendation is one I've literally been thinking about for days and am about to buy myself. The Ohom Ui Mug is a self heating I need to say more? *ADD TO CART* The other mugs I recommend are filled with holiday spirit, of all the Christmas mugs I looked at, these were my favorite because of the shape and size!

10. Spa Day at Home

My final gift recommendations are not home items but instead items people use to treat themselves while at home. The first being a robe. A robe is another great gift not only for yourself but others. I love the robe my mom gifted to me years ago, I still wear it so often especially being a mom myself. It's easy to throw on when I have to get up in the middle of the night. This particular robe is soft; but not the kind of robe that I throw on right after a shower, it's more of a lounging robe that feels like your wrapped in a blanket. My next gift recommendation is the blush nights gift set which includes a silk pillowcase and hair scrunchies. I love all of these items and use them literally everyday. I only sleep on silk pillowcases because I love how cooling they are and the silk scrunchies are so much easier on your hair! My final gift recommendation is the spa day at home kit (it's currently on sale!). This kit includes a fuzzy headband, a sustainable upgrade - reusable cotton rounds, an antioxidant-infused, moisturizing face mask, an ultra-rich, skin-calming cream-to-balm, AND clarifying + hydrating facial steamer. I honestly want to buy it for myself because I haven't gotten a facial in so long and this kit sounds amazing for the price - buy it for someone who you feel deserves some self care!


& there you have it! My full gift guide for those that love all things HOME! I also wanted to mention that I always offer gift certificates during the holidays for interior design consultations! I've had moms buy them for their daughters, friends buy them for other friends and realtors buy them for their clients. They're a nice gift for someone that often expresses that they need help with their home. Send me a message by clicking the button below to inquire. I hope you have a wonderful holiday season with your family & friends!


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